Project  Sports and Games

– Do you go in for any kind of sports?
– I go in for basketball at our school and I approve of a healthy style of living. Every morning I do physical exercises. In addition to playing basketball our coach also organizes mini competitions in running and jumping.
– Do you think that going in for sport makes a person stronger both in body and character?
– Yes, of course, besides gaining physical strength a person becomes more purposeful, firm in character and hard-working. No sportsman can make any progress without these characteristic features. But from my point of view going in for big sport and striving for new records may have destructive influence on health. If a person has a great ambition to become a championor set up a new record, he will have to train for 6-8 hours a day  which may later cause heart problems.
– What kinds of sports and sport games are included in the summer Olympic games?
– First of all, I would like to mention athletics which is considered to be the Queen of sports. Various sport events are included in athletics: running different distances, jumping, throwing a discus, javelin and a hammer, jogging and so on. The next kind of sports is gymnastics which is a very difficult kind of sport. Other kinds of summer sports are: swimming, wrestling, weight lifting, boxing, horse riding, cycling, yachting, archery, shooting, fencing, rowing and diving. I can mention such sport games as: basketball, volley-ball, hand-ball, water-polo, grass-hockey, lawn tennis, table tennis, football.
What winter kind of sports and games do you know?
In winter Olympic games the sportsman compete in the following events: figure skating, skiing, skating, ice-hockey, slalom, biathlon, sledging.  From my pint of view the most beautiful kinds of sport are figure skating and art gymnastics which are combination of art and sport, grace and strength, freedom of beautiful motions combined with music. On the other hand, I don’t like boxing, wrestling and weightlifting which are demonstrations of rude strength only. I am especially against such sport games as American football and rugby. These sport games provoke rudeness, cruelty and wickedness.
Different nations have kind of sports which are popular only in their own countries. For example, sumo i Japan, Rodeo in Spain and Mexico, cricket and fishing in England, gorodki in Russia, Sabanduy in Kazakhstan and Kokh in Armenia.
Thematic Vocabulary
athletics – ատլետիկա
discus – սկավառակ
hammer – մուրճ
javelin – նիզակ
gymnastics – մարմնամարզություն
wrestling – ըմբշամարտ
weightlifting – ծանրամարտ
rowing – թիավարություն
diving ջրացատկ
archery – նետաձգություն
shooting- հրաձգային սպորտ
yachting- առագաստանավային սպորտ
fencing – սուսերամարտ

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